The VÓNIN SUPER HEIGHT which is a semi-pelagic trawl is the flexible solution for vessels wanting a trawl, which can be dragged both at the seabed and up in the sea.

The VÓNIN SUPER HEIGHT is suitable fishing e.g. Silver Smelt, Cod, Haddock, Saith, Squid and Red Fish. The trawls are used when the fish are coming up from the seabed and thus cannot be reached with traditional equipment.

With a vertical opening of 20-50mtrs and a footrope length of 85-150 metres you will get a much larger area covered, than with traditional bottom trawls. And because of the construction and design of the trawl it is not heavier to drag than regular bottom trawls.


With this advantage you can become very efficient when you are at sea - using your traditional bottom trawls when the fish is close to the seabed and the VÓNIN SUPER HEIGHT when the fish comes off the seabed. Feedback from the vessels also state that the trawls work especially well for the big shoals.

Used for:

It is possible to use your standard trawl doors for the VÓNIN SUPER HEIGHT, either if they are bottom or pelagic trawl doors.

Faroese pair trawlers have also used the VÓNIN SUPER HEIGHT for catching Silver Smelt with great succes for many years.

The VÓNIN SUPER HEIGHT adds a new dimension to your catching possibilities.

Efficiency is the keyword!

For further information please contact Jógvan S. Jacobsen on tel. +298 217 846 or e-mail