Vónin has been making shrimp trawls since the 1970s and is today the leading shrimp trawl manufacturer in the North Atlantic. The shrimp trawls have been in constant development through the years and are in widespread use today. 

The feedback from skippers using the VÓNIN 2007 shrimp trawl has been very positive ever since the model was first introduced, with customers returning again and again.

The feedback from our customers state that vessels have increased their catch, lower their fuel consumption and also had a minimum wear and tear on the shrimp trawls. Words as amazing and fantastic have also been used about the VÓNIN 2007. One skipper also stated that the VÓNIN 2007 shrimp trawl saved their year!

The VÓNIN 2007 shrimp trawl is based on designs to have a large horizontal opening and to have a very good bottom contact. With the good bottom contact you will not need as heavy rock hopper gear as usual.

The shrimp trawls also have a superb water flow, which will help you save fuel but most import increase your catch by bringing the shrimp smoothly and safely into the codend. 



The VÓNIN 2007 shrimp trawl is used by the small inshore vessels and all the way up to the big factory vessels for both single and multi-rig trawling.

Materials used for the VÓNIN 2007 shrimp trawls are Pet, Euroline, Premium, Premium Plus and Euroneema depending on your requirements for drag and abrasion. 

Seabed conditions differ dramatically in many of the fishing areas and therefore the requirements for top performance in terms of fishing gear are diverse. With fishing vessels that are often dissimilar in capacity, size, and design, the circumstances under which fishing operators work often differ as well. Add to that the unique knowledge, experience and working preferences of each skipper, and the reason why each shrimp trawl is tailored for the needs and requirements of each individual shrimper becomes clear.

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For further information please contact Søren Havmand on tel. +298 230 220 or e-mail sh@vonin.com