Vónin's comprehensive range of net-based fishing gear includes pelagic trawls, semi pelagic trawls, bottom trawls, shrimp trawls, purse seine nets, crab pots, with the addition of trawl doors and accessories. Vónin also delivers equipment for the aquaculture and offshore industry.

Faroe Islands
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Vónin Lithuania opens
On the 6th of September an opening ceremony took place at our new production facilities in Šiauliai in Lithuania. Approx... Read more
Vónin will attend the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2014
The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition will take place 25th - 27th of September at Smárinn, in Kópavágur, Iceland  We would like... Read more
The Faroese Fisherman's Day 2014
For the last ten years the city of Klaksvík has been the surrounding for the annual Fisherman's day. The idea of the event is... Read more
Vónin TV

See videos where Vónin's equipment is used at sea, videos from fish farms and from the flume tank, interviews with fishermen and other relevant videos.
Vónin LTD.

As one of the North Atlantic´s largest designers, developers and manufactures of trawls and purse seine nets, Vónin´s message "we make fishing more profitable" is known worldwide.

With design, development, production and repair facilities in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Newfoundland, Vónin offers products and services for fishing vessels of every type as well as for the fish farming industry and offshore industry.