Net Cages
Vónin has since the early eighties developed and manufactured net cages for the aquaculture industry with great expertise, meaning that every day we offer high-quality products that have been developed to withstand the harsh weather and currents of the North Atlantic.

All materials used for the net cages are chosen with great consideration and are all of the highest quality, and everything is manufactured with a craftsman's pride.

  • Circular Net Cages
  • Square Net Cages
  • Pointed Net Cages


With ongoing development together with the aquaculture industry we have today the market's best net cages, and do we have the expertise to manufacture all types of cages such as circular, square and pointed net cages.

Contact us and get your tailor made Vónin net cages.

For Further information please contact Signar Poulsen on tel. +298 222 026 or e-mail