Since the early eighties, Vónin has developed and manufactured high quality equipment for the aquaculture industry. Today Vónin's comprehensive range of aquaculture equipment includes net cages, mooring systems, float frames, seines, bird nets, net washing machines, roto screens and other related accessories. All products are developed together with the high demanding aquaculture industry on the Faroe Islands, meaning that every day we offer high-quality products that have been designed to withstand the harsh weather and currents of the North Atlantic.

Vónin also offers to transport, repair, wash, antifoul and store the fish farming nets for the fish farmers. Vónin has through the years made great investments in watertight containers, modern net washing machines and a sophisticated disinfections system, so the entire maintaining process of the fish farming nets has been approved by the Faroe health authorities.

This was made because Vónin wants to work closely with the fish farmers to prevent diseases, which the farmers´ facilities tragically have been struck by occasionally.


  • High standard
  • Quality materials
  • Long lifetime
  • 24 hours service 
  • 30 years experience