Pair trawling
 This type of fishing has been popular for demersal species in the Faroe Islands since the late 70’s, and it still is.

The catch is significantly larger, and the vessels are able to keep the fuel consumption down to as low as 50%.

Both vessels and trawls for this type of fishing have developed a lot. The vessels are more modern and have more power. This has increased the demand for quite large trawls.

    With high fuel costs the pelagic fleet has also been forced to take pair trawling into action. Especially for Herring it has proven be very efficient.

Vónin has been providing know-how in advising other nations in pair trawling, both pelagic and demersal. The Dutch factory vessels, for example, fishing Horse Mackerel in the South Pacific Ocean had a representative onboard when they tried this method for the first time.

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