Today, Vónin is among the largest trawl manufacturers in the North Atlantic, with a high focus on innovation.

By working closely together with the fishing industry we have attained a high level of product quality, and we are very proud of our achievements.

As we have always done, all innovation and trials are undertaken in close co-operation with the fishing industry so that the ideas coming from either our highly skilled staff or the fishermen themselves can be considered, tried in our computer simulators and then scaled down to be tried in flume tanks.

When we feel that we have reached an optimal result, the designs and the products are tested out at sea by our own experts and experienced fishermen.

Vónin also has a highly sophisticated deep water video recording system, which gives us the opportunity to capture underwater video data to study the behavior of various fish species as well as the fishing gear.

All this together enables us to develop our existing, as well as new designs.