Vónin has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality purse seine nets and the feedback from our clients shows that our nets ensure fast and efficient fishing of e.g. Mackerel, Herring and Capelin.

For a number of years we have had a successful working relationship with manufacturers that produce the purse seine nets. The materials used are all top-quality, with production carried out under strict supervision of Vónin’s own technicians.

The gear is inspected when it arrives in the Faroes at our Fuglafjørður net loft and final assembly is completed here. With the cooperation we have with our partners, we’re able to maintain the traditional Vónin quality, while at the same time we can offer highly competitive prices


Vessel owners and skippers have the opportunities to take advantage of the experience Vónin has at its disposal, with the gear custom-designed and built to suit each skipper’s requirements and the vessel’s dimensions.

At Vónin we also have good facilities to store and efficiently repair our clients’ nets so that they are ready for the upcoming season.

Contact us and get your tailor made VÓNIN PURSE SEINE NET.

For Further information please contact Jógvan S. Jacobsen on tel. +298 217 846 or e-mail jsj@vonin.com