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Vónin Group Since 1969
Vónin - Fishing Gear
Vónin - Aquaculture Equipment
Fishing Gear PART 1 - Pelagic Trawls
Fishing Gear PART 2 - Purse Seine Nets
Fishing Gear PART 3 - Flexi Grid
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Fishing Gear PART 5 - Bottom Trawls
Fishing Gear PART 6 - Shrimp Trawls
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Fishing Gear PART 8 - Services
Vónin Shrimp Grid
m/v Jupiter purse seining for Caplin
Seal enters a trawl for a free meal
60 ton of Argentine (Greater Silver Smelt)
The Flexi Grid from Vónin
m/v Ran - Full codend of Red Fish
Blue Whiting going smoothly through tunnel
Injector F-15 Pelagic Trawl Doors
m/v Fagraberg - Blue Whiting codend up on the surface
m/v Fagraberg - Good catch of Blue Whiting
Vónin Bacalao - bottom trawl tested in the flume tank
Fish Farming System in 3D
Blue Whiting footage from Tróndur í Gøtu
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