About us

It all started when the five founders of Vónin, who were all trawlermen, were mending their trawl on the quay. Their work was of such a high standard that soon they were asked to mend the trawls of other vessels and ship owners. In 1969 this work was organised into a proper trawl factory and Vónin was established.

Today, Vónin is among the largest trawl producers in the North Atlantic, with branches in Faroe Islands, Greenland and Canada. As we have always done, all trials and production are undertaken in close co-operation with the fishing industry so that the ideas and advice coming from the industry can be considered and then tried out in our test tank. This enables us to develop our existing, as well as new products by incorporating years of experience and knowledge - and not just by research or by expensive fishing trials.

By working with the fishing industry we have attained a high level of product quality and we are proud of our achievements. The long life and low cost of our products make trawls from Vónin the best investment choice.

There has been a steady increase of customers, both from the Faroe Islands and abroad, and Vónin has products and services for trawlers and purse seiners of every type as well as for the fishfarming industry.

In addition to making trawls and nets. Vónin also offers know-how in technical and practical matters. The demands on the fishing gear increase along with the development of instruments on the bridge and this inturn places new demands on how the fishing gear is handled to earn as much return as possible on the investment. When tests are carried out on new designs, the captain of the trawler, for which the design has been created, is almost always present.

The staff involved in the development of our products are themselves experianced trawl and net fishermen and this enables us to talk the same language as our customers.

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