Line-Thrower L-75

Through decades the lines have been thrown between the pair trawlers by hand power. This has more or less been working, but most sailors have experienced that the first throw missed and the ships have had to sail back again for the second throw, and maybe even a third and have used valuable time and fuel. It has also happened that the ships have bumped into each other and caused damages on to each other – but that is all in the past!!!

The new Line-Thrower L-75 will help you get rid of this unnecessary oil consumption and expenses that these damages have caused, and will also provide safer and better terms for the crew to work under

With Line-Thrower L-75 you will get an instrument that

  •  can throw a line up to 100mtrs
  • is approved as a pneumatic tool (max 10 bar)
  • works with a pressure between 5 and 10 bars
  • is of very high quality, and maintenance free
  • is very safe and very easy to handle
  • will reduce your oil consumption
  • will save you for many unnecessary expenses
  • will make your daily life easier and safer